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TIBCS 2024 Opening Video

2024 Taipei International Breast Cancer Symposium (2024 TIBCS), which will be held on October. 26-27, 2024 physically at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The theme of TIBCS this year is “Right Choice for Right Patient.” With the rapid advancement of medical technology, there are various treatment choices for breast cancer. TIBCS aims to provide a platform to review and discuss available approaches, enabling attendees to make the most appropriate decisions for suitable individuals throughout the treatment process.

Wish you an enjoyable, memorable, and productive time here at this year's TIBCS!

TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP01 – Encounter Dr. Aleix Prat & Dr. Meng-Ting Peng
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP02 – Encounter Prof. Nadia Harbeck & Dr. Joseph Lin
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP03 – Encounter Dr. Shiuan Chen & Dr. Yen-Dun Tzeng
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP04 - Dr. Kevin Kalinsky & Dr. Jiun-I Lai
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP05 – Encounter Dr. Ming-Shen Dai & Dr. Yen-Jen Chen
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP06 – Encounter Dr. Hsu-Huan Chou & Dr. Han-Fang Cheng
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP07 – Encounter Prof. Amy Krie & Dr. Ying-Hsuan Chen
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP08 – Encounter Prof. Sibylle Loibl & Dr. Jiun-I Lai
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP09 – Encounter Dr. Junichiro Watanabe & Dr. Po-Hsiang Huang
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP10 – Encounter Dr. Ching-Hung Lin & Dr. Cheng-Wei Chou
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP11 – Encounter Prof. Stephen Chia & Dr. Chia-Yu Kuo
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP12 – Encounter Dr. Chung-Liang Li & Dr. Ying-Hsuan Chen
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP13 – Encounter Dr. Ming-Yang Wang & Dr. Yin-Yin Chen
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP14 – Encounter Prof. Etienne Brain & Dr. Chih-Hao Huang
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP15 – Encounter Dr. Chiun-Sheng Huang & Dr. Hui-Yu Lin
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP16 – Encounter Dr. Peter Schmid & Dr. An-Chieh Feng
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP17 – Encounter Prof. Miguel Martin & Dr. Chieh-Ni Kao
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP18 – Encounter Prof. Mehra Golshan & Dr. Zhu-Jun Loh
TIBCS 2023 Spotlight EP19 – Encounter Dr. Si-Wa Chan & Dr. Han-Fang Cheng
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