About Taipei

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is the political, economic, and cultural center. It makes perfect combination of modern development, traditional culture, and nature in the city, demonstrating diversified faces to the world.
If you were a city person, you could go to Taipei 101, the world's tallest building (2004~2010), to enjoy the city view and go shopping in Xinyi district where has several department stores. Having a drink in the fancy lounges would also be fantastic.
Boba milk tea
Lungshan Temple
Xiangshan (Mt. Elephant) Hiking Trail
If you were a foodie, then you definitively come to the right city where contains various food choices, from the world-famous fine dining restaurant to the local street food in the night market, from Asian food to Western cuisine, as well as from the authentic taste to creative fusion dishes. Bon Appétit!
If you were enthusiastic in exploring exotic culture, you could visit National Palace Museum, Lungshan Temple, Dadaochen District, and so forth to get to know the history and experience the nostalgic atmosphere of Taipei.
If you were looking for some nature scene in the city, popular tourist destinations like Xiangshan (Mt. Elephant) Hiking Trail and Yangmingshan National Park would be great to visit.
Ready to discover Taipei? Welcome! And, we wish you a pleasant stay in this beautiful and dynamic city!
For more detailed information about Taipei city, please visit the Website of Tourism Bureau or Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei City Government.