Presentation Guideline

E-poster submission

For accepted abstracts, the author must submit the e-poster with recording file on the TIBCS 2023 official website. No printed poster will be accepted. E-poster with recoding file will be posted on the TIBCS official website.

l   Deadline for e-poster submission: 23:59, Aug. 30 (Wed.), 2023

l   Please log in TIBCS 2023 official website to submit your e-poster and recording file. (Please click here to download and read the instruction for uploading the e-poster and the recording.)

l   The e-poster should follow the format listed below.

n   All e-poster must be written in English.

n   The topic and the first author must be the same as the abstract accepted.

n   Please download and use the E-poster form to edit your e-poster, then export it as jpg or png format to upload. Also, please upload the recording file to explain the e-poster.

l   Format of e-poster:

n   Portrait with the dimension: 1920 width or below.

n   The e-poster is limited to one page.

n   The size of the file should be preferably below 5 MB.

n   Naming the file: the given abstract number + the name of the first author. Ex: 001-Da-Ming Lee

l   Format of recording:

n   Must be in English.

n   Within 5 minutes.

n   Upload in mp3 or m4a format.

(Please click here to Online submission)


Oral presentation

For the abstracts which are selected for Young Investigator Award and Best Presentation Awards, the authors must have oral presentation at TIBCS 2023. The information for your attention is listed as below.

l   Date: Sep. 23-24 (Sat-Sun.), 2023

*The specific date will be notified when announcing the candidates for oral presentation.

announced when Best Presentation Awards/ 1 winner of Best E-Poster Award and 5 winners of Brilliant E-Poster Award will be notified on Sep. 15

l   Venue: 7F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

(Address: 7F, No.2, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City)

l   Presentation language: English

l   Presentation length: 8 minutes

*The alarm will ring once when the time ends. Then, there would have 2 minutes for judge’s Q&A session. The alarm will ring twice when the Q&A session ends.

l   Format for the presentation slide:

n   Please download the Powerpoint template/Slide Master  and use it for the presentation.

n   Please note that the projection ratio is 16:9. Please adjust it accordingly when preparing your slides.

l   Information about presentation order will be sent to the presenter.

l   Please note for the oral presentation, one of the authors must present the abstract at TIBCS 2023 to be considered for the awards.