Submission Guideline

Important Dates

l Abstract submission deadline: Aug. 1 (Thu.), 2024

l Notification of abstract acceptance: Aug.16 (Fri.), 2024

If you would like to withdraw your abstract(s) which have been already submitted, please contact the Secretariat of Taiwan Breast Cancer Society by email (


【Abstract Submission】

01-Abstract submission process

l  STEP 1: Sign up and log in to the TIBCS 2024 official website.

l STEP 2: Before submission, please make sure that you complete the registration process. (Click [Registration] -> [Online registration]).

*Please note that the abstract(s) will be withdrawn if the registration is not completed.

*For domestic attendees, please go to the official website of Taiwan Breast Cancer Society ( to download the registration form and follow the instruction to complete the registration process.

l  STEP 3: Click [Abstract] -> [Online submission] on the website. Fill out the required information and submit the abstract via online system. 

l   STEP 4: Check your email for submission confirmation. 

02-Abstract format

lAbstract submission is free. All abstracts must be written in English and submitted online through the TIBCS 2024 official website. Submissions by email, mail, or fax are not accepted.

l   The abstracts should follow the formats listed below:

-       Only ONE page required for each abstract formatted using the Microsoft Word system.

-       Abstract title:

ü  Title font: Tahoma,14pt

ü   No abbreviation may be used.

ü   Only the first letter of the first word of the title should be capitalized along with any proper nouns or acronyms.

-       Abstract body:

ü  The abstract should be structured into 4 sections: Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusion.

ü   Paragraphs should be justified text with line spacing 18pt. Font: Tahoma, 11pt. Set the layout margins in 1.5cm each.

ü   The abstract text should not exceed 250 words.

ü   Figure, table, reference, and keyword are not allowed.

l   The maximum number of authors is 30 per abstract.

l   If an author is affiliated with hospital as well as university, please enter the name of the hospital for which he/she works.

03-Submission instructions

l   Each section of the online submission must be completed. Authors who do not provide all information
     required in the online submission system, the abstract(s) would not be considered by the TIBCS 2024

l   The title of the abstract should include significant words that reflect the content of the abstract but not refer to the study results or conclusions. The TIBCS 2024 reserves the right to correct the title format without further recourse to the authors.

l   Commercial names may not be used in the title of the abstract. Compounds should be mentioned with the generic name in lower case. Commercial names are admitted in the text, with the ® symbol, and if in brackets following the generic name, i.e. ‘generic (Commercial®). The TIBCS 2024 Committee reserves the right to substitute commercial names with generic names where necessary without further recourse to the authors.

l   Names of cooperative study groups should appear in the title, as they will not be reported in the author index.

l   Abbreviations may be used in the title and text of abstracts if they are defined. Terms must be spelt out in full at their first mention and followed with the abbreviation in parentheses. Particular care should be taken to identify complex chemotherapeutic regiments.

l   The use of good English and proof-reading is necessary. Once the submission system is closed, online changes, corrections or rewording will not be accepted. TIBCS 2024 Committee reserves the right to reject abstract which are presented in poor English or to request an immediate revision by the first author.

l   The authors must choose the awards that they would like to apply for. However, the decision of TIBCS 2024 Committee would be final.

04-Conflicts of interest

The conflict of interest policy requirements applies to all abstract authors. Any potential conflict of interest must be indicated when submitting the abstract. It is the responsibility of the presenting author to obtain disclosure information from all co-authors and to provide disclosure of all interests and relationships. This includes any financial or other relationships with commercial entities whose products or services are related to the subject matter in the manuscript, or sociopolitical issues that can cause conflict.

05.  Notification of acceptance

l   Abstract acceptance will be notified by email.

l   All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee according to standard review procedures.

l   The decision of the Organizing Committee on abstract acceptance is final. While the author’s preference for the awards will be considered, the committee may offer an alternative award. No correspondence on their decision can be initiated by the authors.

l   The first author or corresponding author should reply to notification of acceptance of their abstract for attendance confirmation. 

06.  Abstract modification or withdrawal

l   Please note that the abstract(s) will be withdrawn if the author’s registration is not completed.

l   You can modify your submitted abstract online before the deadline.

l   If you would like to revise the accepted abstract, please contact the Secretariat of TIBCS 2024 by email ( within 36 hours after the notification of abstract acceptance. After this time, request for revising the abstract cannot be guaranteed, and once the abstract has been published, no modification will be considered unless the data published in the original abstract is proved to have a relevant and negative impact on the treatment of patients and/or the future of any related research.

l   If the author would like to withdraw the submitted abstract, please contact the Secretariat of TIBCS 2024 by email (

l   If the first author would like to withdraw the abstract from TIBCS 2024 after the notification of abstract acceptance, he/she must contact the Secretariat of TIBCS 2024 by email ( within 36 hours. Any abstract withdrawal requests made after 36 hours cannot be assured of removal from the TIBCS 2024. 

07.  Other submission regulations

l   By submitting an abstract intended to be presented at TIBCS 2024, the first author warrants that the materials has neither been nor will be published in any publication in peer preview setting or presented at a meeting.

l   No encore abstract will be accepted. However, abstracts containing updated date with respect to a previous presentation may be submitted to TIBCS 2024. In this case, additional information must be given specifying clearly which new data will be presented, for example final analysis of primary endpoint(s) or intermediate statistical analysis. Author must at the same time also supply information regarding the original presentation for identification and comparison purpose, indicating the name of the meeting, year, and/or publication number. Violation of this policy will result in a rejection of the submitted abstract. If anything which is similar to previous presentation or publications, the author must contact the Secretariat of TIBCS 2024 by email ( to explain in a covering letter, citing the abstract submission number, title, and first author. Except for special circumstances, the abstracts containing previously published material will be rejected.

l   Abstracts submitted after the deadline or violating the regulations will be rejected and returned by TIBCS 2024 Organizing Committee.

l   With the submission of the abstract, the first author representing him/herself and all co-authors to undertakes to:

n   Release full copyright to TIBCS 2024, and give full permission for the abstract, if accepted, to be presented in print and/or electronic format.

n   Warrant that he/she is an investigator with a substantial involvement in the study presented in the abstract.

n   Take responsibility for the accuracy and confidential of the submitted the abstract.

n  Ensure that all the authors are acknowledge of, and agree to, the content of the abstract and support the data therein; furthermore, the first author will be responsible for abstaining and showing the proof that all authors have given their permission for the submission of the abstract and content therein as well as for the potential inclusion of the abstract in the official TIBCS 2024 PR activities.

n   Make all reasonable efforts to ensure the anonymity of any patient discussed in the abstracts.

n  Be the contact person for all correspondence concerning the abstract and to keep co-authors informed about its status.

n   Each abstract will have only one presenter. No shared first-authorship is possible. If the submitted abstract is accepted and selected to be presented in oral presentation and/or e-poster, please present the abstract at TIBCS 2024. The first author may nominate a co-author to present an abstract in his/her place. The premise is that he/she is a listed co-author independent from the sponsor (unless for data generated as mentioned in the next point below). The name of the replacement must be submitted to the Secretariat of TIBCS 2024 by email ( within 36 hours after the notification of abstract acceptance. 

n   An author employed by the abstract sponsor or by a company (including pharmaceutical, diagnostic, data, or AI companies) cannot act as the presenter or corresponding author of any work related to clinical or translational data, defined as data/parameters captured in interventional clinical studies (phase I-IV) and observational or real world data series, involving patients. The presenter must be an independent, practicing physician or independent investigator listed in the abstract author string. Authors employed by the sponsor or a company are allowed to present preclinical data. When the presenting investigator represents an independent entity contracted by the sponsor, this should be disclosed in the abstract submission process.

n   Certify that the study reported in the abstract will not be presented at any industry-related satellite symposium during TIBCS 2024.

n   Declare the name of legal entity responsible for the governance, coordination, and running of the study.

n  Declare how the study detailed in the abstract was funded, for example, by a pharmaceutical, biotech, or other commercial company or by a Foundation or academic group, and to name of the organization(s) funding the study.

n   Ensure that all authors complete the “Declaration of Interest” statement identifying any financial interest in products or proves involved in their activities, related or not, to the work submitted in the abstract. This included stock ownership, membership on an advisory board or board of directors, corporate-sponsored research, or other substantive relationships such as employment with a pharmaceutical company. Should no valid disclosure statement be provided at submission, or in the case of statements exceeding the regulation length not be advised by the submission date to the secretariat of TIBCS 2024 by email (, the author(s) in question may, at the discretion of the TIBCS 2024 Committee, be removed from the author string without further recourse to the authors.

n   Ensure that for all studies involving human or animal subjects, permission has been obtained from the relevant regulatory authority and that properly informed consent, where appropriate, has been given. 

TBCS reserves the right to amend the program of the rules and regulations. Should there be disputes, TBCS reserves the right to the final decision.