Submission Guideline

Important dates

- Abstract submission deadline: Aug. 19 (Fri.) 00:00, 2022 (postpone to Aug. 30, Tue., 00:00)

- Notification of acceptance: Sep. 2022

- E-poster submission deadline: Sep. 14 (Wed.), 00:00, 2022

If you would like to withdraw your abstract(s) which have been already submitted, please contact the Secretariat Taiwan Breast Cancer Society by email ( / before Aug. 30 (Tue.), 2022.


Abstract submission

Abstract submission process

Before submission, please make sure that you complete the registration process.
(For domestic attendees, please go to the official website of Taiwan Breast Cancer Society ( to download the registration form and follow the instruction to complete the registration process.)

。STEP 1: Sign up and log in to TIBCS 2022 official website. 
。STEP 2: Fill out the required information and submit the abstract via online system. 
。STEP 3: Check your email for submission confirmation.

Abstract format

l   All abstracts must be written in English and submitted online.

l   The abstracts should follow the formats listed below.

-   Only ONE page required for each abstract with Microsoft Word system.

-   Abstract title:

ü   Title font: Tahoma, 14 point.

ü   No abbreviation may be used.

ü   Only the first letter of the first word of the title should be capitalized along with any proper nouns or acronyms.

-  Abstract body:

ü   The abstract should be structured into the 4 sections: Purpose, Methods, Result, and Conclusion.

ü   Paragraphs should be justified text with line spacing 18pt. Font: Tahoma, 11 point. Set the layout margins in 1.5cm each.

ü   The abstract text should not exceed 250 words.

ü   Figure, Table, Reference, and Keyword are not allowed.

l   The maximum number of authors is 30 per abstract.

l   The right to publish your abstract is granted to the TIBCS 2022 Organizing Committee. 

l   Contact information: please provide your full name, department, institution, address, telephone number, and email address in the abstract form. As first author, you will receive a notice from hte Secretariat of Taiwan Breast Cancer Society regarding the status of your abstract. The information provided upon submission MUST belong to the first author.  


Notification of acceptance

l   All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee according to standard review procedures. 

l   Abstract acceptance will be notified by email to the first author. 


Abstract modification or withdrawal

l   You can modify your submitted abstract online before the deadline. 

l   If you would like to withdraw your abstract(s) which have been already submitted, please contact the Secretariat of Taiwan Breast Cancer Society by email ( before Aug. 30(Tue.), 2022. 


E-poster submission

For all the accepted papers, the author must submit e-poster online via the official website of TIBCS. No printed poster will be accepted. E-poster will be shown on the TIBCS official website. 

Please click here to download and read the instruction for uploading the e-poster.  

Guideline for e-poster

Please follow the submission guideline below and submit your e-poster online before the deadline.

l  Submission deadline: Sep. 14 (Wed.) 00:00, 2022 (Taiwan time)

l  Please log in to TIBCS 2022 official website to submit your e-poster.

l  The e-poster should follow the format listed below.

-    All e-poster must be written in English.

-    The topic and the first author must be the same as the abstract accepted.

-    Please download and use the PowerPoint template to edit your e-poster, then export it as jpg or png format to upload.

-    Format:

1.   Portrait with the dimension: 1920 width or below.

2.   The e-poster is limited to one page.

3.   The size of the file must be below 10 MB.

4.   Naming the file: the given abstract number + the name of the first author. Ex: 001-Da-Ming Lee