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Title / 題目

Investigation of the pectoralis major morphology and musculotendinous architecture post-mastectomy

Fitst Author / 第一作者
Soo Kim
Institution / 單位
School of Rehabilitation Science College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan 104 Clinic Place, S7N 2Z4 Canada
Author Group / 作者群
Soo Y. Kim, PhD Katherine M. Henderson, MPT (candidate) Anne M.R. Agur, PhD
Author Group Institution/ 作者群單位
1) School of Rehabilitation Science, University of Saskatchewan, Canada 2) Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, Canada
Category / 主題分類
Clinical Research
Keyword / 關鍵字
mastectomy, pectoralis major, shoulder function, musculotendinous architecture