Great Paper Award Announcement

Thanks for submitting the abstracs for TIBCS 2022. The organizing committee of TIBCS 2022 has selected 15 outstanding e-posters to be nominated for the Great Paper Awards

From the initial 15 outstanding e-posters, the top 5 will have the oral presentation in the final competition on Sep. 30 online for the Best Paper Awards. 

Please see the list below for the Great Paper Awards and Best Paper Awards. 

Best Paper Awards (the top 5 of Great Paper Awards)

Po-Hsiang Huang (黃柏翔) - Distinct tumor immune microenvironment of HER2 low breast cancer 

Chia-Jung Li (李佳榮) - Mapping the Tumor Microenvironment and Deep Exploration for Cuproptosis-Associated Prognostic Genes in Breast Cancer

Joseph Lin (林敬翰) - Mitochondrial DNA biomarkers of breast cancer in core-needle biopsy for predicting response of neoadjuvant chemotherapy 

Chun-Yu Liu (劉峻宇) - Novel immune-response related gene profile is associated with pathological complete response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in primary breast cancer patients

Yen-Dun Tzeng (曾彥敦) - Integrating Spatial Transcriptome and Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Reveals LSM1 Mutations and Macrophage Recruitment in Breast Cancer


Great Paper Award

Hung-Yu Lin (林宏昱) - Integrated analysis reveals the theragnostic value and biological roles of inner membrane mitochondrial protein in human breast cancer

Chi-Cheng Huang (黃其晟) - Predicting molecular subtypes of breast cancer using deep convolutional neural networks from unannotated pathological images

Chia-Jung Li (李佳榮) - Integrated Bulk and Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Reveals Mitochondrial Calcium Gatekeepers and Microenvironmental Landscape in Breast Cancer

Bo-Fang Chen (陳柏方) - Clinicopathological characteristics and treatment outcomes of luminal B1 breast cancer in Taiwan

Shang-Hsuan Peng (彭上軒) - Asians May Derive More Survival Benefits from Immunotherapy than non-Asians

Joseph Lin (林敬翰) - USP7 induces chemoresistance in triple-negative breast cancer via deubiquitination and stabilization of ABCB1 

Sheng-Fan Wang (王笙帆) - The investigation of the mitochondrial dysfunction-regulated amphiregulin on endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancers

Yu-Fen Wang (王毓芬) - Melittin inhibits autophagy and causes non-apoptotic cell death in fulvestrant-resistant breast cancer cells- A preliminary study

Hui-Ping Hsu (徐慧萍) - ABCB1 contributes to immune regulation in breast cancer

Hong-Yu Wu (吳宏禹) - A nomogram based on clinicopathologic characteristics and pretreatment systemic inflammation response index to predict pathological complete response of neoadjuvant systemic therapy in HER2-positive breast cancer a dual-center study

Sin-Hua Moi (魏芯樺) - Anthracycline-sensitivity estimation model for triple-negative breast cancer based on somatic mutation profiles

Ping-Hsiu Chen (陳品秀) - Roles of matrix metalloproteinases-9 in breast cancer