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Ling-Ming Tseng, M.D.

2019 Taipei International Breast Cancer Symposium

Taiwan Breast Cancer Society

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of Taiwan Breast Cancer Society, it is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you all for 2019 Taipei International Breast Cancer Symposium (TIBCS) held on Nov. 2-3 at HuaNan Bank International Convention Center. With the aim of bringing together the latest progress in worldwide breast cancer treatments, especially with a focus on the special features of breast cancer in Asia, we are pleased to invite renowned speakers from around the world to participate and present the significant findings during this annual event.

The theme of 2019 TIBCS is “Precision makes perfection - living beyond breast cancer.” As precision medicine has continuously been the hottest topic internationally, the conference will cover a wide spectrum of the aspects on immunotherapy, precision medicine, ER positive, and locoregional therapy related to the theme as well as from early to late stage of breast cancer comprehensively. Especially, HER2 positive and hereditary breast cancer, the two highly-concerned topics will certainly be deeply discussed at the symposium. Through the discussion in evidence-based medicine and clinical experience exchange across disciplines and nations, we expect to provide the best tailored treatment strategy for each individual patient and eventually to improve breast cancer survival rate in Taiwan.

I am privileged to welcome so many outstanding experts in the field of breast cancer from the US, France, the UK, Germany, Japan, the UAE, Taiwan, and around the world to be our guest speakers. I believe that their sharing of academic knowledge, clinical research and experience will make 2019 TIBCS a spectacular symposium.

Look forward to your participation in 2019 TIBCS. And, wish you all have a fruitful learning in the conference and a pleasant stay in Taipei!

2019台北國際乳癌研討會( 2019 Taipei International Breast Cancer Symposium)將於11月2日~11月3日(六~日)假華南銀行總行2樓國際會議中心舉行,本人代表學會誠摯地歡迎所有的會員及從事乳癌研究和治療的相關醫護人員踴躍參與這個年度盛會!

今年大會以「Precision makes perfection - living beyond breast cancer」為主題,邀請國內外的乳癌治療專家學者齊聚一堂,共同學習與交流乳癌最新研究資訊及臨床診療經驗。

兩天的議程以免疫治療、精準醫療、內科及外科手術作為會議的四大主軸進行,涵蓋近來全球廣泛討論的重要議題,尤其是備受關注的HER2 positive和遺傳性乳癌也將是此次研討會的探討焦點。除了由世界各地知名的專家學者們帶來最新的研究資訊外,大會也特別安排在每個主軸議程的最後有個panel discussion的時段,邀請國內外的專家學者們對談,與與會學員們交流,針對部分議題有更深一層的討論與經驗分享。如同大會主題,我們以為乳癌患者提供量身訂做的個人化精準醫療為目標,期望透過實證醫學的探討有助於大家在臨床診療上應用,共同維護及提昇乳癌醫療的品質。


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