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The Breast Cancer Society of Taiwan

Breast cancer society of Taiwan (BCST) was founded since 1997, which is a non-governmental organization (NGO) encouraging the study, research and education through physicians specialized in the field of breast cancer. Our main objective is to provide a platform enabling breast cancer experts nationally and internationally to engage, share experiences through academic conferences and lectures.

BCST Committees


Shyr-Ming Sheen-Chen (沈陳石銘)
Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

Secretary General

Ling-Ming Tseng (曾令民) Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Honorary President

King-Jen Chang (張金堅) Taiwan Adventist Hospital
Tse-Jia Liu (劉自嘉) Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital
Ming-Feng Hou (侯明鋒) Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital
Shin-Cheh Chen (陳訓徹) Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taipei
Jyh-Cherng Yu (俞志誠) Tri-Service General Hospital
Chiun-Sheng Huang (黃俊升) National Taiwan University Hospital

Executive Council Member

Chen-Hsiang Chang (張振祥) Sin Lau Hospital
Fiona Tsui-Fen Cheng (鄭翠芬) Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital
Frank Fu Ou-Yang (歐陽賦) Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
Hong-Tai Chang (張宏泰) Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital
Shih-Hsin Tu (杜世興) Taipei Medical University Hospital
Shou-Tung Chen (陳守棟) Changhua Christian Hospital

Managing Supervisor

Fang-Ming Chen (陳芳銘) Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital

Council Member

Cheng-Ping Yu (于承平) Tri-Service General Hospital
Chien-Liang Liu (劉建良) Mackay Memorial Hospital
Dah-Cherng Yeh (葉大成) Cheng Ching Hospital
Dar-Ren Chen (陳達人) Changhua Christian Hospital
Hsien-Kun Chang (張献崑) Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou
Hsien-Tang Yeh (葉顯堂) Lotung Poh-Ai Hospital
Huan-Ming Hsu (許桓銘) Tri-Service General Hospital Songshan Branch
James Giu-Cheng Hsu (許居誠) Kang-Ning General Hospital
Jane Wang (王 甄) Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Kun-Ming Rau (饒坤銘) Kaohsiung Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital
Ming-Hsin Yeh (葉名焮) Chung Shan Medical University Hospital
Tsen-Long Yang (楊圳隆) Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital
Tsu-Yi Chao (趙祖怡) Shuang Ho Hospital
Wen-Hung Kuo (郭文宏) National Taiwan University Hospital


Chao-Ming Hung (洪朝明) E-Da Hospital
Chia-Ming Hsieh (謝家明) Taiwan Adventist Hospital
Shih-Che Shen (沈士哲) Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou
Ta-Chung Chao (趙大中) Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Yen-Shen Lu (盧彥伸) National Taiwan University Hospital
Yuan-Ching Chang (張源清) Mackay Memorial Hospital

Deputy Secretary General

Chi-Cheng Huang (黃其晟) Cathay General Hospital
Chieh-Han Chuang (莊捷翰) Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital
Chun-Yu Liu (劉峻宇) Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Kuo-Hsiu Liao (廖國秀) Tri-Service General Hospital
Liang-Chih Liu (劉良智) China Medical University Hospital
Ming-Yang Wang (王明暘) National Taiwan University Hospital
Yao-Lung Kuo (郭耀隆) National Cheng Kung University Hospital

The Breast Cancer Society of Taiwan Secretariat

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